Quick (Personal) Update

As many of my readers (if you’re out there) will notice, I have been a bit absent for the last few days. As you may have read about me is that I’m from a really small town (my graduating class had 47 people in it). Earlier this week, we found that we had lost another. As a 32 year old father of three, this came as a crushing blow to all who knew him. And when you live in a small town, everyone is your neighbor or friend or if you’re lucky enough, both.

Josh and I crossed paths once we entered junior high (seventh grade here). A lot of the girls thought he was attractive (myself) included. For the next 6 years we experienced a lot together and with our other friends. He dated my best friend so from time to time I felt like the third wheel. We sometimes exchanged “that” look but both knew we’d never be anything more than just friends.

When Spring rolled around I was thrilled to have an attractive friend that I could chat with about the mechanics and such of baseball and softball. Usually this sort of pattern repeated its self year after year until it was time to say goodbye.

After graduation, we all went our separate ways; schools, jobs and the military. I was off to a state school ready for a wonderful time. I didn’t really even know what Josh was doing. I know now that he entered the Navy, found the one girl for himself and together they were raising two small girls and a boy just under the age of one.

My heart breaks for the family Josh left behind and the one he won’t get to see grow up. I have a feeling they will be guided by dad for as long as possible. Please keep his memory alive! He deserves so much more than just that, but perhaps the Lord has more in store for him than we could have ever imagined.

Until we meet again my friend…..what’s your “magic” number? 🙂

To Mady, Sophia, and Grayson: your father was a wonderful man with a smile that could make the girls weak in the knees. To Barbara: Although we’ve never met, I cannot imagine what you’re going through and would ALWAYS make myself available to you – even if it’s just to have someone listen while you cry.

Please take the time to say a few prayers for our fallen friend and his family – it would help more than you know.


Finding New Books

As I browse the shelves of my local bookstore, I often wonder what the most efficient way is to find new books that I would enjoy. A lot of times, I will admit, I judge the book by its cover. While I’ve gotten better about this with age, I still struggle with finding really reliable sources that consistently provide new book suggestions. While I’m hoping this site will help the readers find new reads, I’m wondering what other resources you use.

I’ve found that Marie Claire magazine often has great suggestions with short descriptions of the book. Nothing about the plot line is given away and the books are often very new. I found “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” in Marie Claire and read it before most people had heard much about it. I really enjoy “discovering” great books and even though I get suggestions from the magazine, I am happy to pass the selection on to others with a bit more information.

So, to my followers or new readers, what sources do you use?