About the Blog

This blog is a work from my heart – and reflects the books in my life. I learned how to read at an extremely young age and haven’t stopped since! 31 years is a long time to enjoy a hobby 🙂 Thus, I’ve decided to put my opinions of great and sometimes, not-so-great books into a centralized place, www.HeatherReads.com.

I’ve come to realize that simply telling someone about a great book to read doesn’t put the book in the reader’s hand and most times, they forget what we’ve even talked about. Through this blog, I am able to literally give my reader’s a link right to the book where they can buy it if they so choose. If not, maybe my blog will inspire others to simply read more. Read anything! The world is full of amazing pieces of literature that may or may not speak to you. The fun comes when you find a book that you can’t believe you’ve spent your life without! I hope to expose these types of works to as many people as I can.

My life has been devoted to the study of literature – I earned a BA in English Literature in college and currently spend as many hours as possible reading or finding new, interesting pieces to add to my collection. I tend to view books as pieces of art. If a book speaks to you, I would suggest displaying that book in your home – much like a painting or a sculpture. All of these art forms are possessions that the owner feels they must have to complete their home. I feel the same way about books.

Browse the website and please feel free to make suggestions for future books you’d like to see reviewed or comments regarding the books that I’ve posted on. All conversation is welcome, but please, keep it clean and appropriate as children’s books are reviewed on http://www.heatherreads.com.

Thank you,

Heather W.


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