Top 100 Children’s Books

Top 100 Children’s Books

I came across this link on Pinterest and thought it would be a nice conversation starter. I also must admit that I love about 99% of the books on the list – the other 1% I haven’t had the chance to read yet! What are your favorite children’s books? Do you keep a copy around?

In an earlier post, I wrote about “But No Elephants” – one of my favorites from childhood, but looking at this list, I realize that I have many, MANY favorites and I don’t think I could ever limit myself to just one. My husband and I just bought a condo and I am hoping to make one of the rooms a small library. What books would be on your must-have list? I would love to start getting some feedback and begin collecting my pieces of art!

So, to my wonderful readers, which books are the essentials of a good collection for any age?


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