Let’s Start at the Beginning….A Very Good Place to Start!

My first review is on a book I’ve loved for 25+ years. It’s one that I made my mother read to me thousands of times, even after I learned to read for myself. When I recently discovered that the book was still in print, I was thrilled! It’s definitely not a book that most people know but it’s one I would recommend, nonetheless, to everyone. The book is entitled, “But No Elephants” by Jerry Smath.

After a number of pet adoptions, our hero, Grandma Tildy, the poor, white-haired, bespectacled woman finds herself in a dire situation; a lack of food and the cold winter quickly approaching. The solution to the problem comes from an unlikely source – and proves to the reader that having a big heart can payoff in the end.

While obviously the youngest readers won’t understand the lesson in the story, they will most definitely love the great artwork of animals and the sing along type moments of Grandma Tildy’s anthem, “But No Elephants!”

I would suggest reading this to children of any age but those under 2 may not have the attention span to enjoy this author’s personal favorite. Enjoy!

To review and purchase “But No Elephants,” use the link below (Amazon.com):
But No Elephants (Once Upon a Time)


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